Bush Art for Boys

foraging, firing, and action art…

In this workshop you will be foraging for your own materials from nature, and using them to make art!

You will learn to make ancient oak gall ink, willow vine charcoal, earth pigments for paint and more.

We will be mixing fire, water, iron, and tannin, clay, and oils to make action art! In this class you'll be learning a little about the Chemistry behind what makes art and design work!

Come prepared: wear clothing that can get messy, long pants and closed toed shoes. we will provide all other safety gear.

DIY Nature Inks

LEarn how to Make beautiful natural Ink

In this workshop we focus on creating with natural and foraged supplies, using a simple recipe, that can produce ink in many varieties of colorful hues. You can make your own mediums!

Oak Gall Ink Making

Learn how to Make Permanent Oak Gall Ink

Did you know that oakgall ink has been used for over 2000 years? IT is an ancient recipe used by Da Vinci, Bach, Isaac Newton, and monks of old- on some of the oldest and most precious manuscripts and sketches. In this workshop we focus on creating with natural and foraged supplies, using a simple recipe, that can produce a permanent ink out of oak galls, iron, and water. through a few steps we mix these substances, this mixture then undergoes a process of fermentation. By the end of the fermentation period you will have a rich ink to write draw or paint with.

Ladies Paint & Sip

Join us for a relaxing evening…

Conversation, Wine, Cheese, and Paint wth your friends..

Meet The Artist’s

Come Meet a Famous Artist…

In this workshop we will focus on getting to one a particular famous Artisan from History. We will attempt to re-create a work of art using similar mediums, techniques and style as they. Hopefully feeling that we’ve “gotten to know” our Artist in the end.


Plein Air Painting

Join us for a Unique Experience

Come with us on a fantastic outing to see great views, and paint together in Kings Canyon National Park

Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs

Learn how to Make beautiful eggs in the ancient Ukrainian tradition

In this workshop we focus on learning the ancient method of Pysanky. You will begin by learning about their symbols and designs, we draw out our designs, copy these onto the egg, then begin a batik-like process with bees wax drawing and dip dyeing the eggs. In the very end we will reveal our beautiful designs by melting the wax off the surface of the egg. It is a very theraputic artform that requires practice, and patience.

Make Your Materials

Learn to be a self sufficient Artist…

Using natural materials we will create our own Artist Mediums.

Watercolor Landscape

Paint a beautiful landscape…

Join us in exploring the medium of watercolor and learn some great tips and tools for making your very own landscape painting.

Sculpture Workshop

Let’s get creative with the third dimension…

Using natural and recycled materials to explore the world of sculpture.

River Rock Painting

create a beautiful night sky scene

Perfect as a gift or memory, these beautiful night sky scene are simple to paint and very rewarding!