Beginning Art - Janurary-March 2019 - Private lessons - Students 6-17yrs old

Beginning Art - Janurary-March 2019 - Private lessons - Students 6-17yrs old


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1 hour session per week •12 week duration • $350

In the beginning of this course we focus on introducing your child to the arts. The class consists of a only one child so we can give each person more attention. We offer art kits with everything you need to start the class in our online Store, here. We start with drawing, and painting through using the 7 concepts of design. We focus on two concepts per class. We have fun following the seasons with our art as well, usually painting in themes each month. For example; in September we focus on themes which remind us of summer. Whereas in November we focus on Autumn themes. Each student will bring home a work of art after each session, practice assignments to work on at home, and a book list of inspirational reads.

Concepts of Design we'll focus on:

The 7 Elements of Art:

·         line

·         shape

·         color

·         value

·         form

·         texture

·         space.

We will review your best art you've created at home at the beginning of each class.  We'll talk about your technique giving you positive feedback on your piece, searching for how you used the elements of art.

Once we've finished covering the elements of art we'll then move on to the principles of art, focusing on two of these concepts per class.

The principles of art represent how the artist uses the elements of art to create an effect and to help convey the artist's intent. The principles of art and design are:

Principles of Art:

·         Balance

·         Contrast

·         Emphasis

·         dominance

·         repetition

·         Movement

·         Pattern

·         Rhythm

·         Unity

·         Variety

 We will use both drawing and painting to experiment with and develop our knowledge of design.

In the third Month of learning we will use what we've learned about the elements and principles of design to experiment with different artists mediums. We will focus on one mediums per week.

  • Paper Collage

  • Charcoal Drawing

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Watercolor Painting

After this three month course Christine suggests trying our intermediate course- you will be ready to use your new skills in the next level!


classes can we organized to either meet at my home/studio or in the comfort of your home, location of your choice. If you’d like to plan a group class with friends or fellow home-schoolers, just call me and we’ll talk details.

Christine Jennings,


32671 E Kings Canyon Rd.

Squaw Valley, CA. 93675

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