September-November 2018, Intermediate Drawing - Small Group - Students 8-12yrs old

September-November 2018, Intermediate Drawing - Small Group - Students 8-12yrs old


Wednesdays, at 4:30pm-5:30pm

September: 5,12,19,26

October: 3,10,17,24

November: 7, 14,21,28

3 Month Class - Intermediate Drawing - Small Group - Students 8yrs-12yrs old

1 hour session per week •12 week duration • $300


In this class we use all sorts of colorful drawing mediums to explore the world of drawing! through line, shape, and form- we'll learn to draw what we see accurately.

We'll begin by exploring the 7 crucial steps in drawing:

  • Line

  • Shape

  • Form

  • Tone

  • Shading

  • Cast Shadow

  • Texture

Also we'll cover the 4 basic forms found in the natural world. Learning a bit about where these concepts came from, who was famous for developing these ideas, and their significance to us.

  • Cube

  • Ball

  • Cone

  • Cylinder

Through our exploration of the 7 steps we'll take time to learn new techniques such as,

  • Gesture Drawing

  • Contour Line

  • Value Scales

  • Crosshatch

  • Cast and Core Shadows

  • Chiaroscuro

  • Subtractive drawing

  • Pentimenti

At the end of each class students will be given assignments to practice these techniques in their sketch books, and book lists pertaining to the material covered for further reading. When students return to class they will bring their sketches and we will begin class by talking about one sketch from each student in the group. We'll point out which techniques were used, how well the image was rendered, how correct and believable the perspective is etc.

By the end of this course our hope is that you will have acquired some real tools for making art with accuracy, feeling, and aptitude. 

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